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Automatic trimming for quick and easy aligner production

who we are

We are located right in the heart of Berlin and we have more than 20 years of shared experience.

Our activities focus on high quality standards supported by a quality management system that we live by, unconditional reliability, quick reactions and – most importantly – good and flexible working conditions for our employees.

What we do

The focus of our activities is the development and manufacture of turnkey complex systems in industrial automation and robotics as well as mechatronic products, especially for medical and dental technology.

how we do it

We are a team of carefully selected and highly qualified specialists from the fields of mechatronics, automation and production – everything under one roof, so to speak!

Many years of experience and a high level of competence in conception, development and production processes allow us to process complex projects for you from the idea to series production

Milling when others are still cutting

For clinics and laboratories looking to grow, Trimlign offers the right machine and software to improve profitability, scalability, staff safety and employee satisfaction. Automate your aligner production with Trimlign!

● Improve the consistency, predictability and outcome of each milled aligner and retainer
● Prevent workplace injuries such as cuts and repetitive hand strains
● Reduce overheads and potentially save hundreds of man-hours per year
● Increase patient comfort through the production of consistently high quality aligners and retainers
● An open architecture system allows you to work with your preferred software
● No additional fees

Are you still cutting or are you already milling?

Aside from the expensive labor and safety concerns, manual trimming also requires more work space and produces inconsistent results. Manual trimming is the bottleneck in scaling your aligner production!

Trimlign supports the following programs (others are planned):

  • 3Shape and FULLCONTOUR by 3Shape
  • uLab Systems
  • easy rx
  • Global Ortho Design
  • Maestro 3D
  • Onyx Ceph
  • BlueSkyPlan
  • Simply Ceph
  • SoftSmile

The Trimlign workflow

From the file to the patient

Contact us today to find out how Trimlign can help you streamline your aligner production while saving money!

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